OCTOBER GOALS EVALUATION: (notice that I am not including the goals that I didn’t accomplish, because I’m choosing to focus on my progress instead of failure! It’s the only way to stay moving forward)

• Limit coke & dr.pepper addiction to 1 day a week – WIN!! I am not keeping up with this legalistically but I have pretty much cut my sodas down to 1 or 2 days a week!

• Finish hanging art & decor on walls – Does ALMOST count? 🙂

• Establish a budget & financial goals – WIN!! You all saw my fancy shmancy Home Management Binder and I am so surprised and how fun it has been to keep up with all of our finances when it is in such a pretty format!

• Continue to cook dinners more often and bring my lunch at least 3 times per week – WIN!!

Now onto my new November goals!

• One weeknight/week without TV – This may sound crazy to you that I have to make this a goal… but I really love my TV shows.

• Design & print our Christmas Cards – We have been married 2.5 years and each year I plan to send out Christmas Cards… I just may actually do it this year!

• SAVE MONEY – Now that we have a budget we are trying to stick to, I want to focus on building up that savings account!

• Get rid of crap – I just love stuff, and I think we have too much of it. I want to go through my house and take anything out that isn’t beautiful or functional (in my opinion).

• Organize kitchen – My upper cabinets resemble avalanches.

• Get computer backed up & cleaned off – My poor mac, she’s a good ol’ girl but she needs a deep clean.