Please excuse the terrible photoshop job, I promise I’m a professional. Those of you who know me, know that I have a serious addiction to online house hunting. This can be fun, but after spending hours searching for my dream house, I always come full circle and am reminded that NOW is not the time for Matt & me to buy a house. SOMEDAY will be the right time, but now is not that time. So I have decided to really enjoy our sweet little duplex and give it the attention that it deserves! Just because it is a rental, does not mean it has to look like one. So my first task is the bedroom! It currently has tan walls, some very mis-matched side tables (or suitcases on top of plastic folding tables) and a collection of what seems like 4 or 5 different bedding options all piled on because we aren’t satisfied with any one of them. One is too hot, one is too cold, one is too scratchy… you get the idea. So I asked for this new beautiful bedding for Christmas and we are hoping to make the above mood board come to life! And yes of course, that IS a chalkboard wall!