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Holidays 2012ChristmasCard2012

1. Lunch with my pops

2. Beef stew… we can’t get enough.

3. Uncle Matt & little bird.

4. I like mini-bundts and I cannot lie.

5. Brown paper packages tied up with burlap.

6. My desk tree made work a little bit brighter.

7. Glitter tape & stamp fun for my Christmas Cards.

8. Our sweet siblings being all cute with their tiny bird.

9. The Roger’s tree.

10. A painting for Gran.

11. Mom’s vintage Ray-Bans killin’ it.



1. Grandmommy’s clip-ons

2. I am super lucky to have a SIL that gives awesome hair cuts

3. Matt’s first sashimi & sushi experience – “It’s just the texture…”

4. Engagement shoot at the Fort Worth Water Gardens

5. Forming a Saturday morning painting habbit

6. Mom’s vintage Ray-Bans

7. My sweet niece Anna Joy

8. Sausage, brocolli and onion pasta… It’s a staple.

9. Finally started hanging things on the walls!

10. I make breakfast sometimes.