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Really, I would be satisfied with just some temperatures below 60 for Christmas… but I went ahead and made a wish list, just incase! CaseysFavs

1. ANYTHING from NYR Organic! I recently became a consultant for this company because I am OBSESSED with their products. I am currently using the Rose Facial Wash, Toner, and Daily Moisturizer, but I would LOVE to add the Rose Facial Polish to my collection! I also use their make-up and love it. All of their products are made in the UK all organic and natural!

2. I mean… really? Do I have to even describe how lovely this bag is? If anyone plans on dropping a couple Franklin’s on me for Christmas, I would love you forever.

3. This is such a sweet necklace. I have wanted a small gold necklace for “every-day” wearing for a long time now, and i think this one is a perfect (with a letter “M” of course for my man, and my last name).

4. I read some reviews on this iPad stylus (because I really am that much of a nerd) and even though it cost a little more than the $5 guys at walmart, It’s supposed to be great for drawing.

5. These are my all-time fav working girl lunch must-haves. I bought one impulsively at marshall’s and I use it almost every day!

6. I desperately need an iPhone case, and this one is polka dot perfection.

7. Keeping with the lunch-time theme: this lunch tote.

8. Socks. I have 3 pairs of socks.

9. More than anything in the whole world (besides winter weather) I want this desk.

10. I picked out this lovely comforter set because Hubby has a serious problem with duvets.


This weekend, Matt and I decided to keep our FIRST anniversary simple, since we are going to Cali next weekend, by doing some of our very favorite things right here in our new town. Friday night we did our usual of posing to be 75-year-olds by going to Cotton Patch for dinner. (At least this time it was after 5:30) Then Saturday was filled with some Railhead BBQ, which was great, but no Sharon’s (our favorite BBQ place in Abilene). We went thrifting, surprise, at a few different places. This was our first time to go in fort worth and it did not dissapoint! We found a serious amount of really awesome painted curio cabinets and apothecary type pieces for our dream house we will buy (in our dreams).We actually found a pair of L.L. Bean boots for Matt and a cute little bird for my collection that I know I have seen in a retail store somewhere, but at $4.80 and 15% off, how could I pass this cute little guy up? His name is Frankie, by the way. And a little explanation for the brass deer. I found a wealth of brass deer, much smaller than the guy above, on Etsy that I have become obsessed with getting to join my Christmas decor!

Saturday night we went to see Horrible Bosses at the Movie Tavern, which I think is the most awesome concept ever. Dinner and a movie, at the same time. I realize this isn’t a new thing, but for us small town Abilene folk it’s new! Our most favorite date night activities all rolled into one!

In just a few short days (or over a week) the hubbs and I will be on our way to Cali! I thought I would compile some things that are needed for this trip… (if only I could convince my wallet & Dave Ramsey).Now on to another important matter: What will I read? I have been wanting to get into a book series and just haven’t yet. So here are my choices as of right now. Harry Potter, obviously I read in 7th grade, and am a big fan of the movies, and feel like I could graduate to a new level of fandome by reading the entire series. I have heard a lot about the Hunger Games series and am curious to see what all the hype is about. I’m not sure why I threw Twilight in the mix, but I did. So here is your chance people! Sell me on YOUR favorite book series and tell me why I should read it! Ready….go!



Pier One is a must-stop-shop for me! Here are some greats that I REALLY would love to get my hands on. I mean, an octopus dish scrubber? Come on now,… awesome!