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I have a new obsession. My home management binder! I have made fun of my mom my whole life for having filing cabinets full of folders labeled with everything from the dogs names, to cleaning schedules. I can now say that the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree, and I think I’m becoming an organiz-aholic. It’s a thing. So I started seeing all of these really awesome home management printables and binders on pinterest and blogs and thought it would be a great way to kick-start our new budget planning! The printables that I have made so far include: Daily expense tracker, Bills & payments, Monthly savings tracker, Monthly budget, Monthly glance, Spending plan, Recipe lists, Weekly menu plan, Grocery shopping lists, ¬†Weekly cleaning, Wish lists, Log-in passwords, Goals tracker, Week at a glance, Medical information, Special dates, DIY + art projects, Master to do list, Christmas gifts, Christmas recipes, Family traditions… and more to come!

Now available here in my etsy shop! I will be updating it and including free printables in the future.


Bad news everyone. I have fallen, and I mean HARD for this adorable little pink house. It is exactly the style of home Matt and I want someday (hopefully not TOO far off). The little arts and crafts bungalow immediately had my heart. I have never been a pink kind of girl. I’m always more teal or green or grey, and of course I would paint if I bought a pink house… but I can’t help but to be pulled in by it’s charm.

Oh, and if you could only see the inside, (you can on… the previous owners have done a great job fully updating it, while staying true to it’s charachter, with built in book shelves, ceiling beams, and hardwood floors. I have to spot talking about it now or I will go buy it.

In honor of my new found love, here is some coral-influenced home inspiration to brighten up your wednesday!

one, two, three, four, five.


This weekend, Matt and I decided to keep our FIRST anniversary simple, since we are going to Cali next weekend, by doing some of our very favorite things right here in our new town. Friday night we did our usual of posing to be 75-year-olds by going to Cotton Patch for dinner. (At least this time it was after 5:30) Then Saturday was filled with some Railhead BBQ, which was great, but no Sharon’s (our favorite BBQ place in Abilene). We went thrifting, surprise, at a few different places. This was our first time to go in fort worth and it did not dissapoint! We found a serious amount of really awesome painted curio cabinets and apothecary type pieces for our dream house we will buy (in our dreams).We actually found a pair of L.L. Bean boots for Matt and a cute little bird for my collection that I know I have seen in a retail store somewhere, but at $4.80 and 15% off, how could I pass this cute little guy up? His name is Frankie, by the way. And a little explanation for the brass deer. I found a wealth of brass deer, much smaller than the guy above, on Etsy that I have become obsessed with getting to join my Christmas decor!

Saturday night we went to see Horrible Bosses at the Movie Tavern, which I think is the most awesome concept ever. Dinner and a movie, at the same time. I realize this isn’t a new thing, but for us small town Abilene folk it’s new! Our most favorite date night activities all rolled into one!

I’m having a felt moment. It’s an unhealthy obsession really. It all began with an innocent trip to Hobby Lobby when my friend Lindsay introduced me to the magic, wonder, and awe that is… felt balls.

So I began to think, oh the glorious things I can do with felt…

Will my Christmas tree be completely made of felt? Possibly.

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I promise that the next time I post about fashion, I’ll window shop somewhere other than anthro… but for now I just can’t help myself.

I am officially intoxicated by Paper Source. I visited the store front at Northpark Mall on a trip to dallas and was immediately at home… I could have stayed there for days just grazing through the shelves of loveliness!

It is this 2010 Wall Calendar that has me particularly entranced:

Christmas is just around the corner people… anyone? anyone? But really, I’m not sure If I can wait that long to have this piece of beauty to adorn my cubicle at work!