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OCTOBER GOALS EVALUATION: (notice that I am not including the goals that I didn’t accomplish, because I’m choosing to focus on my progress instead of failure! It’s the only way to stay moving forward)

• Limit coke & dr.pepper addiction to 1 day a week – WIN!! I am not keeping up with this legalistically but I have pretty much cut my sodas down to 1 or 2 days a week!

• Finish hanging art & decor on walls – Does ALMOST count? 🙂

• Establish a budget & financial goals – WIN!! You all saw my fancy shmancy Home Management Binder and I am so surprised and how fun it has been to keep up with all of our finances when it is in such a pretty format!

• Continue to cook dinners more often and bring my lunch at least 3 times per week – WIN!!

Now onto my new November goals!

• One weeknight/week without TV – This may sound crazy to you that I have to make this a goal… but I really love my TV shows.

• Design & print our Christmas Cards – We have been married 2.5 years and each year I plan to send out Christmas Cards… I just may actually do it this year!

• SAVE MONEY – Now that we have a budget we are trying to stick to, I want to focus on building up that savings account!

• Get rid of crap – I just love stuff, and I think we have too much of it. I want to go through my house and take anything out that isn’t beautiful or functional (in my opinion).

• Organize kitchen – My upper cabinets resemble avalanches.

• Get computer backed up & cleaned off – My poor mac, she’s a good ol’ girl but she needs a deep clean.

Branch out for date nights– I just love dates. Matt and I usually end up going on at least one a week, but most of the time we are lucky and it ends up being more than that. At the beginning of our marriage we had heard that it was a good idea to schedule a date night once a week, so we considered it. I know one day we will get there, but for right now we are just loving our freedom as a young married couple, and the surprise, simple joy of hearing my hubby say “LET’S GO ON A DATESIES!” (yep. We add “sies” to almost everything. At first we were making fun of other people who say stupid things like “footsies” or “twinsies”… but now it has reached a new level of shame, and become a habit.)

I digress…

All that to say, we love date night but we always end up doing the exact same thing. Dinner and a movie, or just dinner… or just a movie. I mean, we are really exciting over here. Since the weather is slowly turning I have been trying to think of some fun outdoor things to do. On my list so far are:

-hiking at a nearby nature park

-picnic and playing cards in the Botanical Gardens


Any suggestions?

Limit coke & dr.pepper addiction to 1 day a week – The first step is admitting you have a problem.

Paint once a week – This was one of my goals last month, and I did pretty good. I have found it’s the most relaxing to paint on Saturday mornings. Generally we don’t have much going on, and Matt likes to sleep in but my internal clock wakes me up at 9 without fail, so I decided to take advantage of our quiet living room and watercolor.

Finish hanging art & decor on walls – I only have our bedroom, the hallway, and the dining room light left to go. Almost there! (post with photos of the new digs coming soon!)

Establish a budget & financial goals – this is WAY past due, but now that we know what our bills will look like at the new place, it’s time to bite the bullet, as they say.

Continue to cook dinners more often and bring my lunch at least 3 times per week – I would like to officially and virtually pat myself on the back for cooking dinners lately. I mean, this has been a war. The primary battle being the grocery store. Let me just say, Wal-Mart is NOT the happiest place on earth. I still cook the same things over and over but I am slowly adding in a few new ventures, the most recent being jambalaya and chili.

Finish reading “The Resolution for Women” by Alex Kendrick, Priscilla Shirer, Stephen Kendrick – I started this book about a month ago, read the first couple of chapters and LOVED it, but got side tracked. I do that a lot. I make a habit of starting a few books and never finishing any of them. In September I read “Sacred Marriage” by Gary Thomas and I would very much recommend it. Such a beautiful read.

What are your October goals?