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Really, I would be satisfied with just some temperatures below 60 for Christmas… but I went ahead and made a wish list, just incase! CaseysFavs

1. ANYTHING from NYR Organic! I recently became a consultant for this company because I am OBSESSED with their products. I am currently using the Rose Facial Wash, Toner, and Daily Moisturizer, but I would LOVE to add the Rose Facial Polish to my collection! I also use their make-up and love it. All of their products are made in the UK all organic and natural!

2. I mean… really? Do I have to even describe how lovely this bag is? If anyone plans on dropping a couple Franklin’s on me for Christmas, I would love you forever.

3. This is such a sweet necklace. I have wanted a small gold necklace for “every-day” wearing for a long time now, and i think this one is a perfect (with a letter “M” of course for my man, and my last name).

4. I read some reviews on this iPad stylus (because I really am that much of a nerd) and even though it cost a little more than the $5 guys at walmart, It’s supposed to be great for drawing.

5. These are my all-time fav working girl lunch must-haves. I bought one impulsively at marshall’s and I use it almost every day!

6. I desperately need an iPhone case, and this one is polka dot perfection.

7. Keeping with the lunch-time theme: this lunch tote.

8. Socks. I have 3 pairs of socks.

9. More than anything in the whole world (besides winter weather) I want this desk.

10. I picked out this lovely comforter set because Hubby has a serious problem with duvets.


I have a new obsession. My home management binder! I have made fun of my mom my whole life for having filing cabinets full of folders labeled with everything from the dogs names, to cleaning schedules. I can now say that the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree, and I think I’m becoming an organiz-aholic. It’s a thing. So I started seeing all of these really awesome home management printables and binders on pinterest and blogs and thought it would be a great way to kick-start our new budget planning! The printables that I have made so far include: Daily expense tracker, Bills & payments, Monthly savings tracker, Monthly budget, Monthly glance, Spending plan, Recipe lists, Weekly menu plan, Grocery shopping lists,  Weekly cleaning, Wish lists, Log-in passwords, Goals tracker, Week at a glance, Medical information, Special dates, DIY + art projects, Master to do list, Christmas gifts, Christmas recipes, Family traditions… and more to come!

Now available here in my etsy shop! I will be updating it and including free printables in the future.

It’s that time again! My most favorite time of year. Some people call it Fall… I just go ahead and call it Christmas! I love Christmas. I mean,… really. So I have some new Christmas Cards up in my Etsy shop. I also take custom orders if your interested, just shoot me a message!

And we’re off! I know you are all sick of my Cali posts but I’m just so excited! We will be flying in today, and I’m sure I’ll have all sorts of fun photos to post in a day or so!!

We have just been blessed enough to go to Paso Robles, CA to shoot the wedding of this lovely couple: Dylan & Kelly! We absolutely can’t wait!

one, two, three, four, five.

I’m having a felt moment. It’s an unhealthy obsession really. It all began with an innocent trip to Hobby Lobby when my friend Lindsay introduced me to the magic, wonder, and awe that is… felt balls.

So I began to think, oh the glorious things I can do with felt…

Will my Christmas tree be completely made of felt? Possibly.

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Thank you Etsy for having awesome artwork. I just really want these…

1. (There’s just something about you.)- amelia mae

2. (Let it go)- Nan Lawson Illustration

3. (A bit of Paris)- Artquirk

4. (Always Remember)- studio mela

5. (Six poppies on green)- rachelaustin