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I went on an engagement shoot with the hubbs on Saturday. Even though the day started out ¬†with me being quite the grumpy pants, we salvaged the joyful moments out of the day. It’s the little things. While the couple we were shooting took a break to change into their second outfit, Matt and I stole a few moments to shoot a few of me. It reminded me of all fun we have had over the years taking photos with each other, of each other, and the hours we have spent going through them all, and editing them. Photography may not sound romantic to you, and it isn’t always. A lot of the time it is tedious and tiring. But then there are those times where I feel so lucky to share this passion of images with him. My hope is that I will continue to realize that the little things, are actually the big things.

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And we’re off! I know you are all sick of my Cali posts but I’m just so excited! We will be flying in today, and I’m sure I’ll have all sorts of fun photos to post in a day or so!!

We have just been blessed enough to go to Paso Robles, CA to shoot the wedding of this lovely couple: Dylan & Kelly! We absolutely can’t wait!

one, two, three, four, five.

Where to begin? How about the beginning…

Thank you Matthew for going on all of these adventures with me. I’m still nuts about you.

I don’t have any fancy words, so I will just quote these simple ones:

You make me feel alive. And I’ll love you, untill the end of time.” – Angels & Airwaves

I just couldn’t help myself. My first engagement session feature will be none other than… US! Matt and I were SO excited to get to work with Brooke Ogilvie, a photographer out of Lubbock. She was SUCH a joy to work with and did an amazing job on our photos, we love them and I can’t wait to hang them on the walls in our new nest! Thank you Brooke!