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1. Lunch with my pops

2. Beef stew… we can’t get enough.

3. Uncle Matt & little bird.

4. I like mini-bundts and I cannot lie.

5. Brown paper packages tied up with burlap.

6. My desk tree made work a little bit brighter.

7. Glitter tape & stamp fun for my Christmas Cards.

8. Our sweet siblings being all cute with their tiny bird.

9. The Roger’s tree.

10. A painting for Gran.

11. Mom’s vintage Ray-Bans killin’ it.



And we’re off! I know you are all sick of my Cali posts but I’m just so excited! We will be flying in today, and I’m sure I’ll have all sorts of fun photos to post in a day or so!!

We have just been blessed enough to go to Paso Robles, CA to shoot the wedding of this lovely couple: Dylan & Kelly! We absolutely can’t wait!

one, two, three, four, five.

So here is a little sneak peak of our new living room, and the revamping of one of my favorite little walls in the house. I purchased this dresser for $20 at a local flea market, and it has always been one of my favorite peices that I own. I used to always get mad when i read or heard of people buy these amazing mid-century dressers on the cheap at flea markets… hearing this made me want to throw something because I could NEVER find any furniture that awesome for cheap. But alas, I can’t be mad anymore because I found this beauty. We decided to do a little cluster of artwork all from the same artist and bought the frames uber cheap at walmart! The frames might be a little too far apart… and a little too high… but I’m too lazy today to fix it. It is friday after-all… pretty amazing I made this much progress when I got home from work!

Thank you Etsy for having awesome artwork. I just really want these…

1. (There’s just something about you.)- amelia mae

2. (Let it go)- Nan Lawson Illustration

3. (A bit of Paris)- Artquirk

4. (Always Remember)- studio mela

5. (Six poppies on green)- rachelaustin