Really, I would be satisfied with just some temperatures below 60 for Christmas… but I went ahead and made a wish list, just incase! CaseysFavs

1. ANYTHING from NYR Organic! I recently became a consultant for this company because I am OBSESSED with their products. I am currently using the Rose Facial Wash, Toner, and Daily Moisturizer, but I would LOVE to add the Rose Facial Polish to my collection! I also use their make-up and love it. All of their products are made in the UK all organic and natural!

2. I mean… really? Do I have to even describe how lovely this bag is? If anyone plans on dropping a couple Franklin’s on me for Christmas, I would love you forever.

3. This is such a sweet necklace. I have wanted a small gold necklace for “every-day” wearing for a long time now, and i think this one is a perfect (with a letter “M” of course for my man, and my last name).

4. I read some reviews on this iPad stylus (because I really am that much of a nerd) and even though it cost a little more than the $5 guys at walmart, It’s supposed to be great for drawing.

5. These are my all-time fav working girl lunch must-haves. I bought one impulsively at marshall’s and I use it almost every day!

6. I desperately need an iPhone case, and this one is polka dot perfection.

7. Keeping with the lunch-time theme: this lunch tote.

8. Socks. I have 3 pairs of socks.

9. More than anything in the whole world (besides winter weather) I want this desk.

10. I picked out this lovely comforter set because Hubby has a serious problem with duvets.