Here is the first little glimpse of our trip! San Luis Obispo was beautiful, and so much fun! It’s the cutest little town with shopping and restaurants up and down the streets. All of the stores were nestled into old buildings, even “mall” type stores like Bath and Body Works and Victoria’s Secret and even a ROSS were tucked into beautiful old structures. We didn’t have much time (as was the entire trip) but we got to catch lunch at a little Italian place. SUPER authentic food. I had the most amazing pesto gorgonzola pizza and Matt had fettucini alfredo (he really likes to branch out). It was delightful and the best part of all… drumroll… we got to EAT OUTSIDE! This doesn’t happen in Texas these days (or any days really since we don’t have seasons). Which brings me to the weather. It was amazing, 70 degrees… ahhhhhh.

*disclaimer: I spelled “Luis” wrong in the below image, please excuse me because I don’t want to go back into photoshop and fix it. Call me lazy if you like. ENJOY!