In just a few short days (or over a week) the hubbs and I will be on our way to Cali! I thought I would compile some things that are needed for this trip… (if only I could convince my wallet & Dave Ramsey).Now on to another important matter: What will I read? I have been wanting to get into a book series and just haven’t yet. So here are my choices as of right now. Harry Potter, obviously I read in 7th grade, and am a big fan of the movies, and feel like I could graduate to a new level of fandome by reading the entire series. I have heard a lot about the Hunger Games series and am curious to see what all the hype is about. I’m not sure why I threw Twilight in the mix, but I did. So here is your chance people! Sell me on YOUR favorite book series and tell me why I should read it! Ready….go!