I know what you are thinking.

“How many blogs can one girl have?!”

I’ll answer that. Five.

But really…It’s time to streamline my life and blogs a little, and what a perfect opportunity since – drumroll please…

WE MOVED! But first let me back track and I’ll clarify the whole blog thing:

lorellepaperie.wordpress.com – Don’t completely give up on it but I’m sad to say that Lorelle Paperie is on hold for a bit while I do the whole grown-up-big-city-design-job thing!

freshsimplejoy.wordpress.com – This is the one to keep in your bookmark tabs! I plan to spend more time doing personal and fun posts of my life, which will of course be littered with design, crafts, fashion, weddings, and the occasional mushy post about my hubby… Oh look! there we are now…

lorelleandbanks.wordpress.com – Lorelle and Banks Photography is still very much alive, well and growing quickly! Matt and I have loved every minute of shooting weddings together (almost every minute, HAHA) and I still will assist him a lot, but Lorelle and Banks has a fancy new name with the same main man!….

matthewbanksphoto.squarespace.com – This is where my awesome husband (did I mention him?) will post all of his fancy photo skills!

To conclude, I will be unveiling some favorite shots and details of our new apartment very soon! Until then- comment on this post and tell me what you would like to see me post and stalk Matthew Banks Photography!