Happy Sunday! Here is just a little preview of some details of the apartment so far. I am having a real struggle with the decorating. I’m not used to having all tan colored walls, but I’m getting the hang of it! Matt and I had an awesome weekend just doing fun things like eating, hanging with family, and thrifting! One of our all time favorite activities!

These last two shots are of my favorite thrift finds from Saturday! At 10 bucks a piece I was THRILLED to find these matching botanical drawings in these charming frames. The background color of their paper match our tan walls, but that’s ok I’ll live with it. I’m thinking they might hang in the living room above the TV, which I feel weird about, but Matt says it looks great so I’ll trust the hubbs on this one! We also picked up a 35mm Yashica that was a steal! We have an unhealthy addiction to vintage cameras…

Our apartment is wonderful, it really is. It has all sorts of little fun details (for an apartment anyway). The architectural details that I’m most excited about are the crown molding, build in shelves in Matt’s studio, an arched doorway and best of all… our very own WOOD BURNING fireplace! I have dreamed of having my very own fireplace and can’t hardly stand it that I will get to decorate it for Christmas 🙂 … too soon?