It’s time to get down to business! We are in the process of fixing up our first little home together as newlyweds. It’s been so much fun, and mostly HOT… our poor little window unit air conditioners don’t help much. There are lots of cracks, imperfections, cheap solutions, and outdated fixtures… but it’s ours, and we love it! So here are some before photos of our charming little abode. I realize it’s not very nice to put up before photos before I have the afters, but they are coming soon! Meanwhile,… enjoy these dodgy paint colors.

I love the front of our sweet little house, It looks extremely dead here because this was taken in the fall, but hopefully soon hubbs and I will put together some awesome landscaping plans (with the help of my father in law!) I also wouldn’t mind some new house numbers & a cute vintage mail box perhaps?

This “mocha” paint color never did it for me. (I apologize if I am offending anyone who has a living room this exact same color) but honestly calling this color “mocha” is very generous of me. I hate it. But soon this room will be beautiful and fresh! (fingers crossed)

It’s a small kitchen indeed but I love it. It just needs a little love…